Metal cutting bandsaw machines from the UK distributor for Amada, Soitaab/Friggi, and Pedrazzoli providing a wide range of capacity and capability for sawing all metals.

  • Small manual pull down saws with mitre capability
  • Semi-automatic saws with mitre capability
  • Fully automatic saws
  • High speed production automatic saws, pulse cutting and power saws
  • Plate saws up to 700mm thick plate and 8000mm cut length
  • Block saws up to 1000mm high, 2000mm throat
  • Gantry saws up to 3000mm diameter/height/width and 8000mm traverse
  • High speed non-ferrous variants of plate, block and gantry saws

Horizontal bandsaw range includes small manual or semi-automatic through to heavy duty fully automatic horizontal bandsaw machines with features including mitre cutting, NC controls, integral swarf extraction, mist or flood coolant systems. Suitable for a wide variety of material types including rolled, extruded, tube and solid sections and all metals.

Vertical bandsaws are available in manual, semi automatic and fully automatic configurations from quality manufacturers Amada, Soitaab and Friggi offer toolroom to large plate production capacities. Features include cut run lengths up to 6000mm, cut height of 1000mm, pusher units to feed material across for the next cut and 2 direction cutting to cut without repositioning material.

Additional roller track, digital length measuring devices and fixturing is available to suit. Call to discuss your requirements.

AMADA Chip compactor SCP103H

Amada eco friendly products
The Amada chip compactor SCP103H is specially designed for the handling of various shapes of swarf and chips which result from turning, milling and cutting processes.   An ISO 14001 certificate demonstrates that your manufacturing processes are operating within international standards for environmental management systems and contribute to the protection of the environment.   Advantages: Reduction of chip volume in [...]

Amada HPSAW 310 very high performance saw – NEW

Amada HPSAW310 high performance bandsaw

The Amada HPSAW 310 with zero degree blade twist high performance bandsaw is the ultimate high performance bandsaw from Amada, achieving cutting rates on a bandsaw more usually found on carbide circular saws.   Amada HPSAW310 innovative high speed bandsaw machine   The HPSAW310 is Amada’s latest innovation in the highest performance saws.  The HPSAW310 removes one of […]

Pedrazzoli ADB142M Deburring Machine

Pedrazzoli ADB142M deburrer

Deburring machine can carry out brush deburring of tubular sections without the operator having to rotate the tube in order to deburr all edges. KEY FEATURES Tube (round or square section) does not need to turned by hand during deburring. Can fit brushes with 300 or 380mm OD. Supplied with different adjustable front plates to […]