Amada HPSAW 310 very high performance saw – NEW

Amada UK distributor for bandsaw machines and blades

The Amada HPSAW 310 with zero degree blade twist high performance bandsaw is the ultimate high performance bandsaw from Amada, achieving cutting rates on a bandsaw more usually found on carbide circular saws.


Amada HPSAW310 high performance bandsaw

Amada HPSAW310 innovative high speed bandsaw machine


The HPSAW310 is Amada’s latest innovation in the highest performance saws.  The HPSAW310 removes one of the most significant barriers to high speed power sawing on a horizontal bandsaw machines – the required twist in the blade which at best can be 30°, and worst at 90°! In order to enable the blade to flex in up to 3 directions (bend round wheels, twist before and after guides, and beam deflection from feed force) without fatiguing the backing material and causing breakages, the blade is compromised by having a thin and narrow section. The narrower the blade width, the less beam strength it has which limits the pressure that can be applied by the saw and the more likely the blade is to deflect.

Amada HPSAW blade wheels and swarf brush unit

Blade wheels and swarf brush unit

The Amada HPSAW310 removes the blade width limitations by having a zero degree blade twist, and enabling a optimal width blade to be used which provides the maximum beam strength and enables far higher feed forces to be used.


Amada HPSAW high pressure coolant

High pressure coolant delivery

Main features include:

  1. 0° blade twist facilitating higher blade speeds and increased blade life
  2. 67mm wide blade for maximum beam strength
  3. High pressure coolant system
  4. Heavy bow construction to remove vibration and increase stability
  5. Double blade brush unit for effective blade cleaning
  6. Non-contact blade deflection monitor for maximum reliability



Amada HPSAW ui vice controls

Manual vice controls

Amada HPSAW ui cutting length programming

Cutting length programable list

Amada HPSAW ui saw controls

Saw function controls

Amada HPSAW ui trim cut control

Trim cut control

Model name HPSAW-310
Cutting capacity (mm) ø50 ~ ø310
Product length (mm) 10 to 600
Blade size (mm) 67 × 1.6 × 7345
Blade speed (m / min) 15-400
Blade twist angle (°)
Motor output (kW) Blade 22
Hydraulic 3.7
Cutting oil 0.25
High pressure coolant 1.3 / 1.5
Wire brush 0.4
Chip conveyor 0.1
Feed vice stroke (mm) 600
Pass line (mm) 940
Receiving capacity (kVA) 60
Allowable load weight (kg) 1100
Machine dimensions (width × depth × height) (mm) 4309 × 2707 × 2354
Machine weight (kg) 8000

This specification as well as the appearance and equipment, it may be subject to change without notice for improvements.

Amada HPSAW swarf extractor

Swarf extractor unit

Amada HPSAW rear remote control

Rear remote control for material handling

Amada HPSAW offcut control

Bar end and offcut control

Amada HPSAW blade change

Blade change supports to simple fitting


Amada HPSAW blade deviation detector

Blade deviation detector

The HPSAW is fitted with a blade deviation detector that prevents blade “run off” during the cut by alerting the operator and stopping the machine.


Amada HPSAW blade comparison

Blade kerf comparison – circular to bandsaw

Amada has developed a new blade to optimise the performance of the HPSAW and it’s fast cutting in steels – the HP1 carbide tipped bandsaw blade is a derivative of the successful Axcela range of carbide blades manufactured by Amada.

By designing both the saw and the blade Amada can deliver the best possible cutting performance with no compromises.


Amada HPSAW ASSD rigid frame

New design ASSD rigid frame for bow

The saw is built with a very heavy duty frame and a 3 dimensional bow design allowing the blade wheels to be mounted horizontally whilst retaining a strong box with twin pillars for the head movement and control mechanism.

By designing from the principle of optimum cutting performance at the blade tip, Amada has built this saw from the blade out. Strongest tip, on the strongest backing material, with powerful feed forces require a strong design in the fabric of the machine to support the cutting edge performance.

The result is a bandsaw that can cut faster than a carbide circular saw.


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