Carbide circular saws from Amada

Carbide sawing qualityCarbide circular saws from Amada offer a fast, highly accurate cutting solution for sawn blanks used automotive and other volume uses of precision cut-to-size or cut-to-weight components.

Using precision ground carbide tipped disposable saw blades, the saws offer a excellent level of repeatability, tight tolerance and square cut pieces for feeding to the next process with no or minimal pre-processing. Burrs are eliminated or minimised through the selection of the correct lubricant, saw blade and choice of blade tooth geometry to suit the material.

Additional options of centrifugal filtered oil mist extractors, electrostatic extractors and filtration, various bundle and magazine loading options to robotic unloading and test weighing before placing in a specific position in packaging can help reduce the operator attention to minimal levels required to load new material, remove completed loads and change blades.

Fully automated cut-to-weight systems can be achieved.

Amada makes 6 high speed carbide sawing machines each with different capacity ranges to suit a wide range of applications.

    Amada CMB-230 Carbide circular saw

    Amada CMB-230 carbide circular saw

      With a maximum cutting diameter of 230 mm, you can now use the production advantages of the carbide circular saw for diameters up to 230mm which previously required a band saw. This high throughput industrial carbide circular saw machine cuts most ferrous and many non-ferrous metals to an exceptionally high accuracy which in some applications negates the […]

    Amada CMB100 carbide circular saw

    Amada CMB100 carbide circular saw

    TECHNICAL SPECS CMB-100CNC Machine Cutting capacity (mm) Round (Dia) 25 – 100 Rectangle (W x H) 25 x 25 – 75 x 75 Saw blade Blade size (OD x Bore x T) (mm) 360 x 40 x 2.6 Number of teeth 60, 80, 100 Blade speed (m/min) 56 – 210 (Inverter controlled invariable speed change) […]

    Amada CMB150 high speed carbide circular saw

    Amada CMB150 carbide circular saw

    TECHNICAL SPECS CMB-150CNC Machine Cutting capacity (mm) Round (Dia) 75 – 150 Rectangle (W x H) 75 x 75 – 100 x 100 Saw blade Blade size (OD x Bore x T) (mm) 460 x 50 x 2.7 Number of teeth 40, 60 Blade speed (m/min) 50 – 115 (Inverter controlled invariable speed change) Motors […]

    Amada CMB75 high speed carbide circular saw

    Amada CMB75 carbide circular saw

      TECHNICAL SPECS CMB-75CNC Machine Cutting capacity (mm) Round (Dia) 10 – 76.3 Rectangle (W x H) 10 x 10 – 60 x 60 Saw blade Blade size (OD x Bore x T) (mm) 285 x 40 x 2.0 Number of teeth 60, 80 Blade speed (m/min) 56 – 225 (Inverter controlled invariable speed change) […]