Subcontract cutting services sawing metals and non-metals in finished, part finished, rolled, cast, forged or mill form with a 25 tonne max lift capacity, 1600 x 2000mm section, 1000mm high by 6000mm long for all metals. Cutting of metal plate, bar, castings, forgings, fabrications and part machined items in stainless steel, nickel alloys, steel alloys, titanium, aluminium etc. is within our capability.

Even with the saw maximum capacities, we can often cut larger items depending on the particular cut to be achieved – contact our cutting office to discuss your requirement.

Accurate Cutting Services can provide sawing solutions to a wide range of cutting problems, producing cost-effective answers where other techniques have failed.

Our sawing skills are founded on almost 50 years’ actual sawing experience from a vast range of jobs with almost all metals used in manufacturing and in either as mill or finished machined forms. Our Midlands based saw shop can take most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with sections from 12mm to 2000mm thick, and slab and plate up to 8000mm long, 1060mm thick and 25 tonnes in weight.

Our sawing capability includes:

Quality Accreditation

BSI ISO AS 9001 quality certificate for Accurate Cutting Services

Quality accreditation approvals EN 9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 (Registration No: FM 01824) Approved supplier to the aerospace, automotive and petrochemical industry with quality accreditation. SCOPE The cutting of all types of materials to customer drawings/specification for general engineering and aerospace industries. Capacity up to a envelope of 6000 x 2000mm on a gantry saw and […]


The company can work with and cut almost all machinable materials:

  • aluminium; carbon and alloy steels; brasses; copper; aluminium and phosphor bronzes; aerospace and heat-resistant metals; stainless steels; matrix and metal composites; niobium; titanium and titanium alloys; zirconium; lithium.

It can saw non-metals also, including graphite and engineering plastics.


The forms sawn are:

  • bar; tube; billet; block; slab; plate; castings; angle and structural sections; extrusions; forgings and fabrications; machines and part finished components.
Best Tolerance Commercial
Billeting from +/- 0.1mm for non-ferrous metals+/- 0.1mm up to 60mm dia, thereafter +/-0.25mm ferrous metals +/- 0.25mm+/- 0.5mm
Plate  +/- 3.0mm
Billet from +/- 2.0mm on all dimensions +/- 5.0mm

(Tolerances dependent on size and application)