Special cutting applications for saws

Some jobs are special cutting applications, but require individual attention and solutions to cut. Accurate Cutting Services has specialised in providing a sawing service to meet even the most varied and specialised of jobs.

    (Non) Explosive success…. 1000lb sawing concrete filled test bomb!


    Thank goodness this wasn’t a live one! Cutting the bomb This was a test cut using a metal cutting horizontal bandsaw and a carbide tipped bandsaw blade for a customer sawing concrete filled test bomb casing. Of course, we’re never told why. In this case, cutting concrete, inclusive of aggregate etc., wouldn’t be a normal […]

    Accurate restores classic motor engines… Sawing multiple metals

    Sawing a complete engine

    This was sectioned for a display using a bandsaw blade on an industrial bandsaw machine sawing multiple metals in one cut. Cylinder sleeves, valves, cam shaft, bearings etc. all sawn through to achieve a single face exposing the section of the working parts. In all, we were asked to saw into sections 4 different engines, […]

    Bandsawing meteorites – The Natural History Museum

    Nantan Meteorite being sectioned

    The company has been asked to cut a very wide variety of materials and objects in almost 40 years of subcontract sawing. Some jobs were completely unforeseen.

    Slicing-up meteorites for the Natural History Museum, London, is amongst the most unusual. The accompanying media coverage has led to some still seeing Accurate Cutting Services as “the company that cut the meteorites”.

    Sectioning a steam locomotive boiler


    We sometimes get asked to cut some unusual items, and for those of us who have ever played with trains as a kid, this job was interesting – Sectioning a miniature steam locomotive boiler. When we were contacted by the customer to provide a sawing service for cutting a steam engine boiler longitudinally however, we […]

    So you think it’s easy….. difficult sawing applications

    Bandsaw blade jammed in a cut

    Using a bandsaw blade to cut a piece of material doesn’t usually cause any problems with that material. However, occasionally, the material causes significant problems for the bandsaw blade! During the processing and manufacture of metals, heat and stress are applied to form and shape the melt, often leaving residual stresses “built in” due to quick […]