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    Amada HPSAW 310 very high performance saw – NEW

    Amada HPSAW310 high performance bandsaw

    The Amada HPSAW 310 with zero degree blade twist high performance bandsaw is the ultimate high performance bandsaw from Amada, achieving cutting rates on a bandsaw more usually found on carbide circular saws.   Amada HPSAW310 innovative high speed bandsaw machine   The HPSAW310 is Amada’s latest innovation in the highest performance saws.  The HPSAW310 removes one of […]

    AMADA Chip compactor SCP103H

    Amada eco friendly products
    The Amada chip compactor SCP103H is specially designed for the handling of various shapes of swarf and chips which result from turning, milling and cutting processes.   An ISO 14001 certificate demonstrates that your manufacturing processes are operating within international standards for environmental management systems and contribute to the protection of the environment.   Advantages: Reduction of chip volume in [...]

    Julia Iron Lady circular saw blade for tough jobs

    Julia Iron lady HSS saw blade

    A SINGLE SAW BLADE, A UNIQUE SAW BLADE IRON LADY HSS circular saw blade reaches a new technical high, allowing you to work with high strength and stainless steels achieving higher cutting performance, even under poor lubrication conditions. The metallurgists and engineers of our research and development team have achieved excellent results, on which they […]

    Amada SUPER8 Bimetal bandsaw blade

    Amada Super8 bandsaw blade-angle

    NEW Super8 modified M-42 high-speed steel bi-metal saw blade   General-purpose blade ideal for cutting mild steel and structural steel. “Chip Curler” tooth shape and unique set pattern result in longer blade life. SUITABLE FOR MATERIALS: Mild Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium Heat Treatment Steel Bearing Steel Nickel Alloys Cold Work Die Steel High Speed Steel Titanium […]