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Saw blade sharpening services

The company provides a skilled and comprehensive saw blade sharpening, grinding and repair service.

Repair and service is available for:

  • HSS and SHSS circular saw blades – recut and sharpen
  • segmental saw blades – new segments and sharpen
  • carbide-tipped circular saw blades – retip and sharpen
  • solid carbide circular saw blades – sharpen
  • bimetal and carbide tipped bandsaw blades re-weld

Incoming blades are inspected using optical comparators to determine the blade geometry and tooth wear and damage. This inspection ensures that the original blade geometry will be accurately reproduced, or highlighted where modification could improve its performance.

HSS blades are sharpened using the latest CNC robotic grinding machines using CBN grinding wheels, giving extended blade life and performance.

The grinding machine, supplied by Vollmer UK, takes each blade from a loading station, measures the tooth form to check the settings, then applies a grind to sharpen the blade. If the blade is bevelled, the machine can detect and automatically apply an appropriate grind to restore the angles and faces to ensure a perfect and repeatable grind every time.



Bi-metal and tungsten carbide-tipped blade can be re-welded gain extra blade life. This can be especially cost-effective with TCT blades, where the blade acquisition cost is high. Sharpening and repair goes on around the clock during the week, and the company’s vans collect daily within the local service area and outlying regions serviced by carrier.

Vollmer blade sharpening machine being loadedVollmer blade sharpening machine in action

To order or for more information on our blade sales and servicing, please call +44 (0)1527 527058 or contact us using the form below.